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£25 Gift Card for any project booking – May 2nd, 2017


We’re giving away £25 Gift cards to anyone who books a project at Aspect Viewing Facilities.


Whether you’re a researcher, fieldworker or just the person responsible for booking venues, you will receive a £25 gift card for each project that you book, which subsequently goes ahead at either Aspect Manchester or Aspect Stockport. You don’t even have to be the person who settles the final invoice – it’s just a little treat for those people who think of Aspect when they’re looking for the perfect venue.


In order to qualify you must place your booking within the month of May – regardless of when the project is taking place – and then you will receive a £25 gift card for each individual project, as, and when they take place.


For more details or to see if you qualify, contact Joanne or Lorraine on 0161 242 7858. They’ll also be more than happy to discuss how we can accommodate your projects.