Company Overview

For those clients that require a full market research support service, we are also able to offer specialised recruitment and fieldwork via our sister companies Acumen Fieldwork and Research Opinions.


Aspect are award winning venues designed specifically with researchers in mind. Our team work with you throughout your time with us, ensuring that every detail is taken care of so that you can focus on the insight you need for your research.

Acumen was founded by Julie Fuller in 2005 to provide market research agencies with a fresh alternative to tired and uninspired fieldwork. Acumen is a field agency with proven expertise in all methods of qualitative, quantitative and medical research field management, founded in response to the ongoing demand for excellence in the market research sector.


Formerly Julie Fuller Recruitment, Research Opinions recruits respondents across the UK to take part in market research. Research Opinions make it their business to recruit across a diverse range of market sectors from general consumer goods to high calibre, hard to source, business respondents.


Full Colour Research was founded from a desire to evolve and modernise traditional methods of research, developed after 15 years of working within the market research industry. They can help with everything from moderation only through to full service research with complete analysis and reporting.