Usability / UX

All of our studios are equipped with Usability technology to enable you to conduct research on websites, apps, games, mobile technology and handheld devices.

Website Testing

Our usability technology can be used to monitor, record and assess the user experience of websites by tracking how a participant interacts and reacts to any content shown to them on a website.

App Testing

At Aspect we offer a range of services specific for app testing. This allows you to observe and record a participant’s interactions with an app in order to analyse the usability and user experience of the app in addition to its overall design and functionality

Mobile and Tablet Usability

We can provide fitted cameras to attach to any mobile device or tablet which enables you to assess the functionality and user experience of the device. This is compatible with all devices, whatever their make or model.

Eye Tracking

An increasingly useful tool in market research, eye-tracking enables you to see where a participant’s eyes are drawn to when looking at products, websites, apps or other stimulus. This cutting edge technology allows you to see what participants are responding too even if they are not consciously aware of it.

Device Testing

The facility of Usability and UX testing can also be applied to any device which someone can interact with. From handheld medical devices to remote controls and new technology, our suite of cameras and trackers enables you to monitor all interactions with these devices.

Dial Testing

With the use of dial testing technology it’s possible to capture real-time reactions and sentiments to any audio/visual content such as new advertising campaigns, broadcast content or any other media.

Our facilities are adaptable to any requirements you may have and our team are always on hand to discuss how to make your research a premier experience from start to finish.

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