Award Winning Viewing Facilities

We provide exceptional viewing facilities in the UK. Our award-winning viewing studios combine first-class decor and hospitality with the latest technology you need. This creates productive experiences for market research clients and participants, user testing-UX clients and participants and anyone else requiring great results from using a viewing facility.


This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.

With 2023 already upon us, it feels like the only certainty is uncertainty. For many, […]

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Stockport’s not s**t!

As 2023 is upon us, you may be wondering if there are some under-the-radar places […]

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Stockport Town hall from the pavement looking up at a cloudy sky

Anywhere but London? Why not Stockport?

As London becomes more of an island, separate from the rest of England, it becomes […]

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Our Awards

Operations Award 2018 Finalist - Best Viewing Facility

Operations Award 2017 Winners - Best Viewing Facility

Operations Award 2017 Finalist - Best Viewing Facility

Operations Award 2016 Finalist - Best Viewing Facility

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