Aspect Joins The Viewing Facility Action Group

11th June 2021

It's undeniable that Viewing Facilities have been substantially affected by the Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions on Face to Face research.

In response to this, Aspect, along with many of our peers in the Viewing Facility sector of market research joined forces in order to achieve a number of goals.

Primarily we worked together to ensure that we were sharing best practice principles across the network so that you would know that there would be parity in the procedures of any members of the group.


Similarly as a collective we also understood that we had more weight in advocating for our particular sector of the industry. This has proven to be to be exceptionally useful as we've received excellent support from the MRS, AQR and the VFA.

We are now launching our first official campaign to remind people of the importance of Face to Face research and integral role that viewing facilities play in that dynamic. Far from being bricks and mortar locations which serve as central hubs for travelling researchers; viewing facilities are places where ideas are tested, debates are had and through the collective thoughts of a room full of strangers, new and exciting insights are discovered.

Technology has clearly played an important role over the last 12 months with online platforms enabling research to continue and, in fact, gain access to participants who may have been previously discounted for their distance from viewing facilities. Whatever the case, technology will continue to be an invaluable tool for all those involved in research; what the VFAG is now advocating for is that we once again 'make room for face to face'.

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