Medical Marketing Research Companies

Medical marketing research companies bring specialist knowledge to the field of healthcare market research, combining expertise in all forms of market research with specific knowledge of and contacts within the medical industry.

To be truly suitable for research relating to medical products and services, the medical marketing research agency must be able to go beyond the prerequisites of being able to establish programmes of quantitative and qualitative research.

While in some ways, the elements of market research remain the same, in others they could hardly be more different.

There are as many differences as there are similarities and without paying attention to where medical market research differs from other forms, the project may be doomed.

The aim may be broadly similar – taking a research question and finding the best methods to find broad trends and then further dig into these to find true, usable insight.

However, the healthcare research company must also understand the particular sensitivities in this field. All research matters, but not all research has the same impact. Research delving into medical issues, products and services can patently have an impact that is different to research looking at a new consumer purchase.

In standard research,  the research is of huge importance to the company, but may not have a huge impact outside of this; medical research however can have far greater consequences.

Acumen is a medical marketing research company with a specialist team who have worked on numerous projects in this industry. The team also has an embedded data team, ensuring that the work of capturing and then processing data is completely joined up.

By creating a team that specialises purely in medical market research projects, we have been able to take on the most challenging of projects.

Medical Market Research

It is essential for any company wishing to work within the field of medical quantitative and qualitative research that they understand the unique differences.

The standard elements of market research still apply, the knowledge of all forms of research, how to attain results, set-up sessions and report back findings. Essentially, any marketing research company has to be able to deliver the insights that can drive a project forwards.

The methods of capturing data might also be in keeping with methods used for other projects, for instance interviews, focus groups, case studies and historical research.

However, a key difference is the need to always act with care and sensitivity. In any project, a marketing agency should treat all participants with care and kindness, but this is never more true than with medical market research – after all, the research might be delving into very personal matters.

This sensitivity also ensures an openness from participants, it is essential to build a relationship of trust so that participants feel able to answer honestly.

It is very different asking someone their favourite trainer brand than it is asking them about their mental health.

Another essential requirement for medical market research companies is that they have access to participants, both healthcare users and professionals. At Acumen, for instance, we maintain databases with users suitable for a huge range of questions and research projects. We can quickly and accurately find the participants to deliver the insights required.

Candidates can be pulled into pharmaceutical market research focus groups, used for in home or in-work interviews or asked to complete participant diaries.

The challenge, indeed an insurmountable obstacle, for non-specialists is often finding participants from scratch. Those who do not specialise in healthcare and medical research simply do not have the suitable users to call upon.

Research and consulting on Medical and Healthcare Questions

Market research relating to the medical profession and industry can be used for purposes that include

  • Performing checks to ensure that existing medical services and products remain suitable for use. This can also identify any issues, as well as then helping to show potential ways to iterate and further develop.
  • To aid with the creation of new services and products. Providing insight to help launch these is always a core element for any market research agency, but within the medical industry there are extra considerations as the results and outcomes have medical implications. We provide details lower down this page of case studies that demonstrate our past record.
  • Research can evaluate user knowledge relating to medical products and services. It is essential to find out if those who would potentially benefit from your services have knowledge of the benefits. Healthcare research can show instances whereby users would find benefit if only they knew of the thing’s existence. A full service of quantitative and qualitative research can help to find these missed opportunities.
  • Ambitions to expand into new markets can be aided. By calling upon our specialist network of healthcare users, we can quickly and accurately find out whether different groups would find benefit from existing items. Is all that is a required an awareness programme?
  • Find new opportunities – are there gaps in the market that you could plug, what would be additions that might be of use to potential customers or patients? Speaking to users will often show up needs that may otherwise not have been thought of.
  • Valuable real world insight into how users interact with products and services will be provided. It is common for people to say they act in one way, whereas careful qualitative research might demonstrate one way, whereas the reality is different.

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Medical Market Research

While the method for medical market research will vary by project, common options include:

  • Focus group / interviews
  • Usability studies
  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Participant diaries
  • Fieldwork research with healthcare users, patients and carers
  • Fieldwork research with healthcare professionals, in all industries and all levels of seniority.

To help to determine the  best way to manage your project, as an expert medical marketing research company, we work by:

  • 1) Discussing your requirements and then taking the time to fully explore the brief. The fact we have an in-house specialist team is of huge benefit, it means that your project will be overseen by those who have experience of running similar campaigns.However, we also fully appreciate that no two projects are the same, each piece of work needs a unique approach

2) We create all the documentation, this will also include a full schedule and screening questionnaire

3) Using our database of healthcare users and professionals, and other means as appropriate, we source the participants who can provide the insights you require.

4) Our team will provide full feedback on the recruitment process. We are fully committed to providing feedback at every stage, in whatevr format you need it. Our data team is embedded within our medical research team and so the data insights you need are always on hand – for instance if you need data quickly pulling to update a meeting or stakeholders.

5) We can source venues and also people to assist on the day as required.

6) Full participant profiles are provided to you

As shown by the awards we have won for innovation, we also utilise modern approaches as appropriate.

One example was in looking at healthcare app usage – it was sensible  to seek out participants via social media campaigns, anyone responding via social media likely to have a high propensity to then be a dedicated app user.

Case Studies for pharmaceutical market research

To get a sense for our past research projects as a medical market research company, please take the time to view the detailed case studies below.

The case study for blood born viruses saw us work on a project to explore the pathway to recovery for people with Hepatitis C who also inject drugs.

A key challenge was finding participants that were also in the geographical area required by the brief. Our database of healthcare and pharmaceutical users was of great benefit and enabled us to quickly ascertain the feasibility of the study.

Further details

A separate research project saw us work with a pharmaceutical company who had developed a new app, the aim to see if the app was providing the help and support intended.

The research was looking at uses of asthma inhalers, an app requiring people to submit data, this then anonymised to show patterns of use. Again, our database of users for market research was beneficial, but we also turned to social media to find further participants – our knowledge of digital methodology meant we were confident that there would be a strong correlation between those responding on social media who would then be comfortable with app usage.

Further details of this case study

About Acumen

Our large medical marketing research team is on hand to help with all your research queries. We’ve got years of experience working with a wide range of healthcare users and companies who work in this field.

Our award-winning pharmaceutical market research team has been recognised throughout our industry, with a reputation for lateral thinking and problem solving that seeks to answer the questions at the heart of your brief.

We provide a tailored, full service approach which begins from our earliest conversations and continues with your dedicated project manager who will keep you updated throughout the research process.

We’re happy to discuss any research methodology and will provide transparent and practical advice on the feasibility of your project.