Stockport’s not s**t!

25th December 2022

As 2023 is upon us, you may be wondering if there are some under-the-radar places you can explore … well look no further than Stockport. Yes, I said Stockport! Earlier this month the Guardian described Stockport as having “something special in the air” It goes on to say …

“It is the DIY, grassroots activity in food, fashion, art and music found in the architecturally striking old town, that is exciting early adopters and generating media notices about, “one of the coolest little corners of the country”.

I may be predisposed to agree, being born and bred in Stockport, but also may be one of its harshest critics, guilty of not seeing or engaging with the newfound indie vibe Stockport is creating. I haven’t been to “Where the Light gets in” restaurant or walked to the independent shops of Underbank. I am even guilty of not having been to the Polish bakery in the beautiful old market hall - I am told it is mind-blowing.

This is all good news for businesses like ours trying to attract the London client. Often overshadowed by Manchester, only 6 miles north, Stockport has struggled to gain traction as a destination town. Aspect Viewing Facility with purpose-built studios for market research lies a mile south of Stockport town centre. With a diverse population at its door and all trains from London to Manchester stopping at Stockport (it’s true, by an Act of Parliament in 1840, it was decreed that all through-trains using Stockport Viaduct must stop at Stockport Station), it offers clients, not only great insight from the local population but also an interesting and fun place to visit.

The Guardian concludes with……

“For Benji Taylor, co-founder of Bask (a bar, gig venue, comedy club and late-night, DJ-led hang-out), the contrast with the Stockport of his youth is profound. It came 12th in an early-2000s poll for the book Crap Towns, so it is “great to see it turning full circle”.

He adds: “We did a run of ‘Stockport Isn’t Shit’ bags with Hug & Co. They sold out in a day. People are as proud of Stockport as they’ve ever been.”

Book your projects into Aspect and come and see what Stockport has to offer. Our attentive and friendly staff will assist with any enquiries and help with local suggestions and directions.

Besides its location, Aspect has consistently been voted as one of the Best Viewing facilities in the country with this year being no exception, with Aspect winning the coveted 'Best Viewing Facility, Technology and Innovation' award at the Market Research Society Operation Awards.

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