1st February 2023

Lots has changed quickly over the past few years which inevitably leads to new ways of doing things and businesses learning to adapt.

At Aspect, the only stream of business that carried on during lockdown was the healthcare research as it was deemed essential. This led us to consider the type of space we offer clients and how we might meet their needs best.

We decided to refurbish Studio 2 into a hospital simulation suite to assist clients with their healthcare research needs.

Aspect provides a medical simulation training suite where specialist training equipment is used to recreate clinical situations. This allows medical trainees in many specialities to practice rare and critical scenarios in a safe environment.

The trainees learn, practise and repeat procedures, improve their skills, fine-tune techniques, and master clinical protocols designed to improve outcomes before seeing patients.
It has proved a popular addition to our offering and the feedback has been fantastic. The suite can be mocked up as requested and equipment sourced on your behalf. We also have a lovely medical mannequin who is very amenable!

Outside of the healthcare sector, our other studios are back to life with consumer face-to-face research. So nice to engage with clients and participants and see the research projects unfold.

If you have particular needs for the studio layout then we are always happy to help. We have done Christmas in June, festival vibes, kids' yoga studio, and are open to much more!

Anything that helps to bring out the best in people and provide great insight is always top of our minds.

We started 2023 with some fantastic feedback:

I just wanted to email to thank Aspect (and in particular Lorraine and Jo) for all your help and support on my project.

I was so incredibly nervous as it was my first in person groups since pre covid, plus my team wasn’t able to come up and join in person from London leaving me working solo. But the ladies were so supportive, helpful, nothing was too much to ask, and they felt like my mini team for the whole two evenings. They even helped me get home safe, and wouldn’t let me run out to my taxi until we had eyes on it (which was a woman doing late night groups alone is definitely something I need to consider).

The facility was really well set up for what we needed, as well as spotlessly clean/tidy and I would without second thought book my next in person project at Aspect Stockport and recommend to others. I forgot how valuable in person research is after spending two years behind a laptop screen and I think the insights gained from my groups will be really impactful in terms of shaping our future marketing strategy.

Thank you so so much and I can’t wait to see you again soon :)

Please get in touch and find out how we can work to bring your study to life at our award-winning viewing facility.

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