Anywhere but London? Why not Stockport?

22nd December 2022

Stockport Town hall from the pavement looking up at a cloudy sky

As London becomes more of an island, separate from the rest of England, it becomes of paramount importance to represent and include the opinions of the wider population. With train strikes and the cost of living making it difficult to access the capital, it becomes more distant and irrelevant to the 85% of the population who live outside. The Government it seems, talk endlessly about “levelling up” and even has a dedicated minister, but what does that mean and how is it being implemented? Brands need to make sure they are appealing to these core consumers who spend in the economy and make choices about who gets their spend, every day. It could be argued that the explosion of online focus groups means that a national representation can be easily included and this is true, but how does that underrepresented person in Stockport engage in these discussions without perhaps feeling they want to air their different opinion, feel shy or that they don’t actually belong in that session.

Using Viewing Facilities like Aspect in Stockport, South Manchester, means that you get valuable insight from fresh participants living in the wider community. Stockport is a great example of a Northern town with a diverse population. From blue-collar workers to mums on mat leave, all types of participants can be sourced. It is also only 6 miles from Manchester city centre so can host urban dwellers too. Also, it is on the fringe of the “Golden Triangle” of Cheshire. The “Golden Triangle” (sometimes called the footballer belt) refers to an affluent area of Cheshire towns and villages including Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Wilmslow. This allows access to an affluent market of participants who differ from their London counterparts.

Aspect will assist from beginning to end with venue, recruitment and hosting. For our attentive and friendly staff, nothing is too much trouble and you will be glad you made the trip. Besides its fabulous location, Aspect has also consistently been rated as one of the Best Viewing Facilities in the country. This year was no exception with Aspect winning ‘Best Viewing Facility, Technology and Innovation’ in the Market Research Society Operations Awards.

View Stockport on the 2021 census data from the ONS


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